Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ok guys that is all that we could fit in on the mcdonalds napkin. For the most part we have done it all and it seems to be working cuz Icy has been getting laid left right and center and his social calendar has never been as packed. However, I know I am just a club twink and what do I know. I realize, that’s why we need you. There is a lot more that we both don’t know and is not mentioned in this blog. But it doesn’t end. Please add something, a bar night, an accessory, a local organization, helpful tips in the comments section so any bear not just Icy or the Chicago bear visiting DC may find it helpful. Remember my blog angers a lot of people…don’t loose sweat over getting angry…just correct me in my comments section or send an email.

Ok dolls…with that said. I hope you enjoy it. I am off to New York City for the rest of the week with Munch, X and Sherockia Whirl. We do plan to visit the bars our Her First Big Cock fans told us about and we will be there so stop by and say hi.
To answer all the emails:
Munch will be at Henrietta Hudsons tomorrow night and X and I will be at the cock for sure before splash and XL or G.
X and I will be staying in Manhattan with a sugardaddy we both share for shopping sprees on 7th ave (for me) and free drugs (for X).
Munch will be staying in Brooklyn with a lesbian fan who loved her rant on the blog and invited her up to NYC. Sherockia will be crashing on her couch too but has a busy work schedule while she will be in NYC…making escort out-calls for married men who like to take it up the ass from a black DC drag queen.
Yes ladies and gentlemen you call us gay trash. But has your garbage ever been this fabulous and in Christine Young sizes.